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Term Paper on Criminal Studies

Priori Gettier Cases.
This senior level paper attempts to prove the fact that it is possible for a person to have a priori Gettier cases. That if a person has true belief in the a priori then he does have knowledge and that direct intuition and inference do not have a bearing on true belief.

A Review of "Crime and the American Dream" and "No Equal Justice"
Choosing this paper topic to write my essay for me a writer compares the books "Crime and the American Dream" and "No Equal Justice" in terms of how the authors perceive criminality. There is a brief review of the topics in both books, as well as the themes of criminal research used by their authors. The last two pages of this paper focus on a personal reflection of the merits of these books.

A Summary and Evaluation of: Patrick Nowell-Smith, The Right to Die .
In the article "The Right to Die" Patrick Nowell-Smith addresses the moral issue of euthanasia. The objectives of his argument is to further the cause for the legalisation of euthanasia in the Canadian context. He builds his argument logically in two areas: a discussion of the distinction between "active" (killing) and "passive" (letting die) euthanasia; and an exploration of the moral and practical arguments against and in favour of euthanasia.

A.G.S. (Americans For Gun Safety).
Americans for Gun Safety promotes responsible gun control and supports the right to possess firearms for personal defense, sports and collections. AGS according to statistics help service also supports improving new laws and stringent enforcement of current laws to help keep guns out of reach of young children and criminals. It is an unprejudiced, non-profit, uphold organization that supports the rights of individuals who possess firearms for sport, protection, and collection. Their objective is to help keep guns out of the hands of criminals and kids, and to promote responsible gun ownership.

Useful article: Start With a Checklist

Abortion Issues in American Law: Roe V. Wade.
An analysis that presents the issue of abortion, and why this a an important topic in today's moral debates in America. By understanding the case Roe v. Wade, we can see how these difficult issues come into the political spotlight.

Abortion and the Concept of Personhood.
The abortion debate in North America is frequently emotional, even violent. Rational consideration of it often focuses on the concept of personhood. If the foetus is a person, abortion is murder. If it is not, abortion is not murder. Jane English argues that personhood cannot be adequately defined at all. This essay analyses the role of personhood in the abortion debate emphasizing Jane English's critique of its validity. 

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