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Amazing Compare and Contrast Essay Topics 2020

Compare and contrast essays are interesting to write as they enhance creative writing skills. Such types of essays also allow students to express their thoughts regarding some contradicting issues.

However, it is not easy to write a compare and contrast essay. Most students consider it a daunting task to draw a parallel line between two objects. Therefore, they prefer to hire college essay writing service instead of risking their grades.

The very first step while writing any type of essay is to select an interesting topic. It is better to choose a topic that interests you the most or the one that you are passionate about.

Here, we have compiled a list of some topics to write a perfect compare and contrast essay. Have a look at them to get a better idea.

Karl Marx vs. John Calvin: Whose thoughts are more relevant to modern times?

Boko Haram vs. Al Qaeda: Are they following the same ideologies?

African vs. western governments: What are the differences in governance?

Greek Gods: Are they fake or real?

Dictatorship and Democracy: How are they different?

Are humans wilder than animals?

President of US vs. President of France: Discuss the differences in power?

Do music or poetry have the same effect on the health of an individual?

The 60s vs. the 90s music: Which was better?

What is more important? Fruits, meat, or vegetables.

Friends vs. enemies: Who is more dangerous?

Simplest theory vs. complicated theory: Which one is the best to understand?

Philosophy and religion: Discuss the similarities between both.

Childhood vs. Adulthood: Which is the better phase of life?

Capitalism vs. communism: write my essay on Which is superior?

Living at the campus or living with parents.

Philosophers vs. historians: Are they similar?

Working in Office vs. working at home: Which has more benefits?

The pen is mightier than the sword: Is it true?

Technical Writing vs. Academic Writing.

Radio Shows and TV Shows: What is more informative?

Roman and Greek Culture: Similarities and differences.

Art and Science: Compare the scope for both subject areas.

The Bible vs. the Quran: What are the differences in the teachings?

Traditional vs. Online Commerce: Which one is better?

Real-Life Relations vs. Online Dating.

Computer Games or Smartphone Games: What do teenagers prefer?

Facebook or Twitter: Which network offers more job opportunities?

Online services and traditional services. Which are better in terms of academic help?

Benefits marketing specialists get from using online advertising vs. a traditional one.

Being rich and living in poverty.

Discuss the side effects of both coffee and tea.

Staying in a village or living in a big city: Which has more opportunities?

This was a long list of topics. You can choose a topic as it is or can mold it according to your preference. The next step is, to begin with, the writing process.

People who are already overburdened with other writing tasks prefer to get help from a legit essay writing firm with ‘write my essay for me’ services. Such online services provide professional assistance and real academic help at affordable rates. 

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