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Structure of the essay
Place in space and time.
This gives you 2/4 points if you do it correctly.
For short essays, it is often sufficient to include the century, which is often already in the title; this is a great help in orientation.
E.g.: The task is to describe the reasons for and the background to the geographical discoveries of the 15th and 16th centuries. Here, the answer key accepts the century: "The most important events of geographical exploration took place in the 15th and 16th centuries" or you can write e.g. 1492 or 1498, which you can write essays for money easily find out from the chronology! As space, the corresponding events are acceptable, e.g. the discovery of America or the circumnavigation of Africa.
If you know the year, include it. Be sure, as you never know what the answer key will ask for!
IMPORTANT! If the essay is about a king or a politician, his reign/term of office is a requirement! This is the case, for example, when writing about the actions of Maria Theresa, in which case it should be recorded that she ruled from 1740-80. If we are talking about the Horthy era, we must include that he lasted from 1920 to 1944.
If we are talking about a religion, where we know a specific year, the century is not enough, e.g. Islam, where the year 622 is required for the hijra.
If we are talking about the general characteristics, doctrine or development of Christianity, the 1st century AD is sufficient, as we cannot be more precise. But if, for example, we are writing about the split between Western and Eastern Christianity, we need the schism of 1054. Similarly for the Reformation, where the promulgation of the Lutheran creeds in 1517 is important.
The situation is quite similar for space, i.e. the setting of the scene. It could be a city, a country, a region, several countries, or a general geographical concept. In each case, an important statement is made or a conclusion is drawn about the space.
It is up to you to choose which is most appropriate.
If we can link an important event or series of events to a city, it can also be accepted as a space. For example, at the end of World War I, the answer key economics homework help accepts the Peace of Paris or Versailles as a square. If we cannot link an event to a location, we can use general geographic concepts, such as Medieval serfdom or Western Europe in the topic of Manufactures.
In the case of Kádár, for example, it is not enough to say that this regime was present in Hungary, but it must be stated that Hungary was then part of the socialist bloc.

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